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and I’m okay with it.

I’m now officially more pregnant than last time.  And while I’m sad that this is probably the last time I will be pregnant, BJD and I are not making any permanent decisions yet.

I am getting NSTs every 2 days.  Baby girl is doing well.

My BP is starting to really go wonky.  And well, yesterday while rushing to get out the door, I saw stars.  Literally.  I stopped, rested a few and took my BP. 

Let’s just say that it was very high.  But like I told BJD, I needed to eat.  We were heading to his mom’s for dinner. 

We took my BP machine with us, ate, laughed and talked with his family then I took my BP again.  150/100.  *sigh* much better. 

Yes, 150/100 is good for me.  It’s what I call, my new norm.

But edema has started in my legs.  I commented on it during my last peri visit – and at that time it was chalked up to normal pregnancy symptoms because it would go away in the morning.  But I notice it’s staying longer and I can just feel the water swelling in my body.

If anything feels weird in the next day, we’re heading straight into L&D.  Until then, I have another peri appointment Wednesday morning at 11:30 our time.

In the meantime, my hospital bag is packed and in the car.  Has been for the past week.  Baby girl’s clothing (i.e. Henry’s baby clothes that are gender neutral) are washed and mostly folded.  Cloth diapers are prepped and stocked in the changing table (little prefolds – man, they are CUTE!).  Newborn wool is washed and lanolized, ready for little girl’s butt.

I’ve ordered some incredibly cute Zutano clothing and a few pairs of wool pants as diaper covers.  I even had 2 custom longies made – one pair for Henry as a gift from his sister and one for little girl.  His are blue and grey, hers are pink and grey.  I think they went out last last week so hopefully we’ll get them soon. 

Oh – and my laptop charger has completely crapped out on me.  Which means no pics for a while – even though I have a cute pic of me with my belly that I just can’t believe is supposed to get bigger!!!  (I’m on BJD’s work computer for now.)  If I can convince him, I will upload it here and share with ya’ll …

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What’s going on …

Well, Bubba Joe and I are both sick. We have been. ALL. WEEK.

Let me just say that one or the other, I could handle. But both of us? Come on. Seriously? And while his fever finally broke, he’s still coughing like mad. And for the first time in over a year, he’s fighting us to take any medicines and for breathing treatments.

As for me, I went to the doc today to confirm that it is just viral and hasn’t gotten worse. I’m allowed Tylenol (which surprisingly is helping me feel more human). And some sinus-plant-based crap that made my BP skyrocket. No more of that for me. Oh yeah, and breathing treatments. I’m on breathing treatments too.

How fun.

My head is full. My nose is running. I’m not really coughing, but I just feel like crap.

And Bubba Joe – well, so long as he gets what he wants he’s okay. And before you go thinking we’ve got a spoiled little brat on our hands (which maybe we do), if he starts crying then he can’t breathe and starts coughing all over again. So, we really do try to appease him (within reason of course).

Oh to be healthy again.


On a more positive note, we’ve started cloth diapering. We’re using normal prefolds and wool covers. Pretty much like what I know when I was a teenager and babysitting. It’s working quite well. Bubba Joe had a diaper rash last week and we switched back to sposies for a few days – but we think it’s all related to his being sick. And oh yeah, we use something called disposable liners. It’s a thin piece of flushable material that catches poo. Wicked cool. Without that, um, yeah, not sure how long I could stomach the scraping of poo in the toilet. Eww.


We put up the Christmas tree today. We’ll be decorating this weekend. Bubba Joe’s Opa and Oma were here – dropping off soup (borscht – super yummy) and Opa helped Bubba Joe’s Dad bring the tree down from the attic. Of course, Bubba Joe wanted to be with the boys. By the time they all came back downstairs, Bubba Joe was talking all about the tannenbaum. He won’t touch it – oh no! It’s yet another of those texture things with him. But he loves looking at it. Hopefully he’ll get into decorating it tomorrow and Sunday!

Tomorrow is Niklaus Tag – not sure what it really means but it’s always on the 6th of December and children get a present. We picked up something small for Bubba Joe. And, I’m pretty sure that we’re 90% done with our shopping for this year. Now if we could just get around to writing the Christmas newsletter to go with our cards and boxing up and shipping the stuff for my family back in Ohio … 🙂

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I’ve wanted to do this for a long time now …

and looks like we’re finally going to just jump right in and start. Cloth diapering that is.

With a 2nd one on the way and Bubba Joe showing no real interest in potty training, on top of finding a company that will give us a “trial” period to see if we really do like it, we’re jumping in.

And that, my dear reader, is why I haven’t written anything to you in a while.

I’ve been busy researching different types of diapers, from fabrics to covers to how to prepare them for the first use to general maintenance.

I’ve been busy creating excel spreadsheet after excel spreadsheet, comparing costs from various websites and building up my wish lists – including links and formulas.

And I’ve even had a few dreams about cloth diapers.

We’re planning on ordering this week so we can prep them over the weekend and start using. We’re almost out of our pampers, so we need to move soon.

I’ll keep ya’ll informed as to the “end result”. The best part is that if we stick with it, it’s SUCH a huge cost savings for our next little one. Yeah!!!

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