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Sometimes the weather here in Duelmen surprises me.  Like today for example … it’s gorgeous.  A typical spring day in Germany.  Clear blue skies, cool crisp air.  It’s far better than the springs I remember from Ohio.

Speaking of Ohio – my mom is coming to visit us next month.  Yeah!  It’ll be nice to see her – and Bubba Joe will love spending time with his Nana.  He speaks to her often on the phone.  And of course, she’s looking forward to meeting (and cuddling) with Bubba Girl.

And my sister is planning a trip here this summer.  If all goes well (and if airfares continue to be somewhat reasonable) she won’t be travelling alone.  Nope, she’ll be braving it with her 3 kiddieos.

Oops … gotta run.  Bubba Girl is a’callin’!

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Bubba Joe is sick.


I’m sitting home with Bubba Girl, while Bubba Joe’s Dad and Bubba Joe’s Oma take him to the good Dr. Braun.  Fortunately for us, Bubba Joe loves Dr. Braun.  He even asks to go and visit with him.

But today, I’m scared.  Maybe it’s all the hormones raging through my body post-delivery.  Maybe it’s that in spite of breathing treatments and cough medicine, Bubba Joe still has a bad cough and even started wheezing.  Or maybe it’s just because I’m torn between caring for my 2 children. 

Whatever it is, I’m sad.  Sad that Bubba Joe wanted me to go with him.  I can’t.  Sad that because of stupid preeclampsia and his subsequent premature birth, he’s always sick.  And sad that I just don’t know what to do. 

And yet I’m doing something.  I’m caring for my young daughter – who, by the way has gained 1 pound in 1 week.  Yup.  That’s my girl! (and my milk!)

I fear that BJD will call and say that they’re on their way to the hospital.  You see, Bubba Joe has been fighting something for 3 weeks now.  It all started before I was admitted just over 2 weeks ago and just when it looked like it would get better, it hasn’t. 

When I came home with Bubba Girl last week, I immediately recognized that Bubba Joe had Fifth’s Disease.  Cool.  I felt okay being home with a newborn because I know once the rash is present, he’s no longer contagious.  But now, this time … I have no clue.  BJD says it all sounds the same – how would I know? I’ve been an absentee mom in Bubba’s life, taking care of his sister (and damn do I feel guilty about that).

Life with 2 is hard.  No, it really isn’t that hard – life with 2 is hard when 1 is sick.  (And I pray it remains at only 1 being sick – I really worry about  Bubba Girl getting sick and starting this damned cycle all over again.)

***sigh*** For now, all I can do is sit and wait for BJD’s phone call to tell me all is okay.

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