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It’s become a choice. We’ve chosen to focus more on weaning.

So that means that Bubba Joe has slept with us the past 2 nights. And surprisingly, he’s weaning himself! He’s asked for milk but doesn’t push when I’ve ignored him. Now mind you, he’s still getting milk normally around naptime, but the process had begun.

He spent a few nights just screaming and crying for me, then his dad, then me, then his dad, then his Maus, his Elefant, or his Ente, or Bob, or Thomas, or … you get the hint. BJD is way stronger than I am. I give in. He just holds firm (maybe it’s his Russian-German thing) and eventually little man crashes.

But now that he’s back in bed with us, Bubba Joe just wiggles around a bit to get comfie, then settles in – usually perpendicular to us.

At least he’s getting a good night’s rest.

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