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Which is why I haven’t written. I received the new charger in record time – ordered it from ebay in the States and wow! I was super impressed with both the price and shipping time!

But did it work?


With a little encouragement from my brother (thanks bro!) I opened up the back and cracked open the laptop.  What did I find?  Nothing that I could fix, not that I could see anything wrong.  I’m sure it’s the actual plug itself – the female part if you will – where the adapter goes into that is bad/loose/something not right.

So here I am, writing from BJD’s laptop once again.

And I sit here, waiting for the word to get a netbook – it’s smaller than what I am used to, but in my price range.  (Although if you ask BJD right now, nothing is in our price range.)  🙂

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The charger on my laptop has crapped out on me.


I have a Gateway.  It’s not even 3 years old.  I’ve had to replace the hard drive, the battery and now am awaiting a new charger – well, I call it a charger, I think the “official” word is adapter.  But who cares? Not me.

So I’m writing from BJD’s work computer.  A good old Dell.

On the plus side, IF my laptop won’t charge, I get a new laptop.  And I definately will not be getting another Gateway.

On the negative side, while it was charged, I did not back it up.  I’m hoping to get enough of a charge to back it up soon.  But as a friend pointed out, I should be able to get a backup made from the hard drive.  I just don’t want to mess with that. 

Any suggestions for a decent laptop for mostly internet browsing and personal use? 

I’ve recently been introduced to a netbook.  Any opinions?

BTW – I’m still pregnant.  Further along than last time.  Woohoo!  Preeclampsia is beginning to win but I’m not giving in that easily!  As a reminder, if you want to read the updates, just let me know!  I find myself being more open with the emotional aspect of it all with a password.

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