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Prescriptions in Germany

So I’ve told you before that doctors are big into homeopathic remedies. They are. And they usually cost you a few Euro at the Apotheke (pronounced ah-poh-tek-uh) – the pharmacy.

I had to have 3 prescriptions filled for my pregnancy stuff – the first two were completely covered by our insurance (one was an anti-nausea drug, since the homeopathic one wasn’t worth crap and the other was low-dose aspirin, used as a preventative against that dreaded preeclampsia) and the last one was not – it was the sugary-sweet glucose drink that I had to purchase myself before my 3-hour diabetes test in 2 weeks – it was 5 Euro.

So um yeah – universal healthcare – way cheaper. (Not to mention that all of Henry’s drugs are covered until he’s 18. Yeah, you read that right – we figure in his first year alone, between his operation, ER visits, his oh so many doctor’s visits PLUS all the meds he was on we spent anywhere between $3-5k.)

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