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I am absolutely thrilled for my online friend at the healthy birth of their daughter.  She is a fellow preeclampsia survivor who sadly lost her firstborn to this horrible disease.  She supported me throughout my pregnancy with Little Girl and I am so proud of her for all she’s been through.

Prayers for you and Alison, my friend, that you both heal quickly and that she comes home soon!

Congratulations again!!!

On another note, my mom is currently en route for her visit.  This is a HUGE deal.  When my father was still alive, he absolutely wanted to go to Germany with us – in fact, we had planned that he would be flying with BJD and I the following year (before his stroke).  Sadly, he died.

Although it may not have been originally planned as such, my mom is seeing to fruition his dream.   

She booked this flight back at the end of December, when I was in the hospital being diagnosed with severe preeclampsia/possible HELLP.  She needed to be by my side.  It was a tough decision, but BJD and I decided to ask her to wait until we knew for certain what was happening.  She understood and cancelled her flight, patiently waiting (as patiently as a sicilian mama can) for us to tell her when a good time was. 

Now is a good time!  And in less than 7 hours she’ll be here, arriving in Muenster.  We’re hoping Bubba Joe will go with BJD to pick her up!  (What a nice surprise that’ll be!)

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It’s not how I planned.  But then again, what is?

Bubba Joe is officially weaned from breastfeeding.  He has been since LG was born.  (LG = little girl)  But again, it is not how I planned.

You see, I nursed him through my pregnancy.  Again, not exactly what I intended, to get pregnant and nurse.  But getting pregnant with Bubba Joe took some time.  I expected it to take more time with LG.  (But thanks to the baby vibes at my sis’s house – and maybe her hot tub to help us relax … you get the picture.)

So when I found out I was pregnant, I purchased the book Adventures in Tandem Nursing produced by the Le Leche League International.  It helped debunk some of the ideas out there about nursing while pregnant and gave ideas on what to do when baby comes, including nursing both children and even weaning.  I found the book very supportive and as always, went along with BJD and my approach of letting Bubba Joe guide us in when he hits certain milestones.

But then, my pregnancy was complicated.  I was hospitalized.  BJD brought in Bubba Joe every few days to nurse – at that point we were fearful of having a preemie.  The first hospital stay I was 27 weeks pregnant.  Not even in my 3rd trimester.  Because of the preemie fear, I wanted to ensure my milk supply.  Weaning was not an option.  No!  Instead, I wanted to make sure I had more than enough milk.

But then came the struggles – do I have Bubba Joe nurse more often? That meant his dad would have to bring him into the hospital more.  That meant Bubba Joe would be exposed to lots more germs.  Which could mean he would get sick.  Which of course, meant that if we had a preemie, we’d be struggling with a little one in the NICU and a sick one at home.

We didn’t have a preemie.

But when LG was born, BJ was sick.  Ugh.  Bronchitis.  Again. 

He had it for at least 1 week before I was hospitalized and it lasted an additional 3.  I was in the hospital for 1 week after LG’s birth.  That meant we were home with him sick for 2 full weeks. 

Coming home was a struggle.  His ped had told us he was highly contagious for the first 10 days of being sick  and if LG caught what he had, she would surely have breathing difficulties. 

BJD and I went back and forth and back and forth.  We did the math.  It was over 10 days from his initial signs.  We had “planned” on him bringing his sister home with us from the hospital.  But like most of our plans …

Bubba Joe hadn’t nursed for my entire last hospital stay – 10 days total.  Prior to that, he nursed mostly at nap time or bed time.  Some days, he wanted “milk” more often.  Other days he wasn’t interested.

And today, he’s weaned. 

He asks for “milk” more often recently.  But BJD and I both agree that he’s done with nursing and sine the weaning happened more or less, well, naturally, we didn’t want to risk creating a monster.  Bubba Joe understands that mama’s milk is for LG.  And he’s surprisingly okay with that.

I’m so proud of my little man.

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Back then, I wanted privacy.  I didn’t feel ready to write for just anyone to read.

Last night, I made a decision to un-password protect my pregnancy updates.

I just did that.  I un-password protected them.  They’re still in the history, but if you want to look back to read how this pregnancy progressed, my multiple hospital stays, non-stress tests, blood work (my arms still have track marks from all the IVs and lab work done), etc. feel free.

If not, okay by me.  🙂

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After numerous doctor’s visits, 5 hospital stays, 10 IVs placed, lots of NSTs, dopplars and so forth, our newest addition arrived on February 27th, weighing in just over 6 pounds and just over 18.5″ long.  (I’m not sure the exact measurements right now – sleep deprivation is really starting to hit!)

She was  born via c-section due to fetal distress and recovery is taking its time.  Bubba Joe has received her with lots of love and curiousity.  She’s nursing like a champ, though last night had some tummy issues. 

And somehow, in spite of all the stress and fears and worries during the pregnancy, I’ve forgotten how horribly emotional it all was and am willing to do it again.  I’m nuts.

Bubba Joe came down with Fifth Disease (slap cheek) while I was in the hospital, being induced – that’s another story for another time.  Of course, like always, it went to his lungs.  He’s still on breathing treatments.  Thankfully though, we’re all home together (we were unsure if we would be able to introduce her to him because his ped scared us). 

After nearly 3 years of nursing Bubba Joe, our relationship has ended.  He’s allowed to “hold” the milk, but the milk is only for his sister to drink.  I’m saddened by this change but know it is a good thing.  He’s been so brave and strong and courageous these last few months – not knowing or understanding why I was away for so long (remember Christmas?) or so often (3 times I went in overnight, unsure if I would be delivering).  And when I was home, I was bedresting. 

At times I felt replaced. Other times I felt guilty.  And yet other times I almost wished for a preemie because I was so uncomfortable being pregnant.

And now our relationship has shifted – I’m second now to his dad.  He asks his dad to comfort him, to hold him, to kiss his boo-boos.  The only consolation I have is that this allows me to focus on healing after the c-section and taking care of baby girl (I haven’t come up with her “screen” name yet).  But I miss my little man. 

Little girl was born at 37weeks + 1 day – she’s a full-term baby!!!  Here’s a few pics to enjoy!

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I had my appointment today with the peri.  It was with the male doctor I met with last week and wasn’t crazy about. 

He ran late.

3 hours late.

Yup.  3 hours.

The nurse, for shits and giggles, took my BP after I was waiting for a long, long, long, long time.  It was high.  How high? 160/10-something.  I told her I was irritated.

But – like the other peris at the UKM, once I got into the room with him, I was 100% his. 

I didn’t feel that way last time and BJD was prepared to tell this guy to slow down.  But nothing needed to be said.  In fact, when he asked (in German) if I had any concerns other than the Braxton-Hicks contractions I’ve been having, I asked him for clarification (in German).  He responded that we could speak english.  Woohooo.  You betcha I did!  And know what?  His english was good (Mrs. Spit – is that proper grammer there?  I know I can say he speaks well, but I always get confused when I speak of someone’s speaking ability.)

So onto the appointment.

My BP is too high.  My diastolic (bottom number) is consistently running around 100.  He discussed with an “oberartzt” (higher up doc) and I’m to start methyldopa 3x daily at a low dose.  Of course, sourcing it has turned out to be a problem.

You see, the Apothekes (pharmacies) here in Duelmen are CLOSED from 1:00pm forward on Wednesdays.  Our appointment was at 9:30, we didn’t leave until after 1:00.  BJD had to go to the “Dienstapotheke” (or emergency pharmacy that HAS to serve you – they rotate within the city by day).  They didn’t have it in stock and would have it by 6:00.  He went to pick it up at 6:00.  Nope.  Apparently there was a problem with their supplier (?!?!) and they wouldn’t have it until noon tomorrow. 

We’ll try our local apotheke tomorrow. 

Little girl is doing BEAUTIFUL!  She’s right on track for everything.  Blood flow to her is still in the “okay” range and she’s growing and thriving.  *VBG*

He did explain that I will NOT be going past 40 weeks.  In fact, if I were 37 weeks today, we’d probably be discussing delivery. 

If anything happens over the next week, I’ll more than likely be hospitalized until I hit full-term (next Thursday) and then delivery would happen.  And as of next week, well, I can be delivered at any time.

A VBAC is an option, as is a repeat c-section.  Everything depends on if I am induced or if I go into labor on my own.  And, of course, so long as the BP meds can get my numbers into a good range (I think he said under 150/under 100 is what they’re looking for – but not 120/80 as that would be too low right now), I’m going full-term AT HOME.

Home stretch – here we come!!!

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The charger on my laptop has crapped out on me.


I have a Gateway.  It’s not even 3 years old.  I’ve had to replace the hard drive, the battery and now am awaiting a new charger – well, I call it a charger, I think the “official” word is adapter.  But who cares? Not me.

So I’m writing from BJD’s work computer.  A good old Dell.

On the plus side, IF my laptop won’t charge, I get a new laptop.  And I definately will not be getting another Gateway.

On the negative side, while it was charged, I did not back it up.  I’m hoping to get enough of a charge to back it up soon.  But as a friend pointed out, I should be able to get a backup made from the hard drive.  I just don’t want to mess with that. 

Any suggestions for a decent laptop for mostly internet browsing and personal use? 

I’ve recently been introduced to a netbook.  Any opinions?

BTW – I’m still pregnant.  Further along than last time.  Woohoo!  Preeclampsia is beginning to win but I’m not giving in that easily!  As a reminder, if you want to read the updates, just let me know!  I find myself being more open with the emotional aspect of it all with a password.

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and I’m okay with it.

I’m now officially more pregnant than last time.  And while I’m sad that this is probably the last time I will be pregnant, BJD and I are not making any permanent decisions yet.

I am getting NSTs every 2 days.  Baby girl is doing well.

My BP is starting to really go wonky.  And well, yesterday while rushing to get out the door, I saw stars.  Literally.  I stopped, rested a few and took my BP. 

Let’s just say that it was very high.  But like I told BJD, I needed to eat.  We were heading to his mom’s for dinner. 

We took my BP machine with us, ate, laughed and talked with his family then I took my BP again.  150/100.  *sigh* much better. 

Yes, 150/100 is good for me.  It’s what I call, my new norm.

But edema has started in my legs.  I commented on it during my last peri visit – and at that time it was chalked up to normal pregnancy symptoms because it would go away in the morning.  But I notice it’s staying longer and I can just feel the water swelling in my body.

If anything feels weird in the next day, we’re heading straight into L&D.  Until then, I have another peri appointment Wednesday morning at 11:30 our time.

In the meantime, my hospital bag is packed and in the car.  Has been for the past week.  Baby girl’s clothing (i.e. Henry’s baby clothes that are gender neutral) are washed and mostly folded.  Cloth diapers are prepped and stocked in the changing table (little prefolds – man, they are CUTE!).  Newborn wool is washed and lanolized, ready for little girl’s butt.

I’ve ordered some incredibly cute Zutano clothing and a few pairs of wool pants as diaper covers.  I even had 2 custom longies made – one pair for Henry as a gift from his sister and one for little girl.  His are blue and grey, hers are pink and grey.  I think they went out last last week so hopefully we’ll get them soon. 

Oh – and my laptop charger has completely crapped out on me.  Which means no pics for a while – even though I have a cute pic of me with my belly that I just can’t believe is supposed to get bigger!!!  (I’m on BJD’s work computer for now.)  If I can convince him, I will upload it here and share with ya’ll …

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