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Some pictures

My first time knitting – and I made a scarf!

and then I made a matching hat

and then I tried knitting a few things that got frogged.

Then I finished up this scarf and am working on a sweater for Little Girl and another scarf (scarves will be holiday presents this year).

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Language confusion


I wrote scarfs.

Is that even a word?

Isn’t it supposed to be scarVes?


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Time is flying

and I’m learning to knit.

A few quick(ish) updates:

  • I am doing okay PPD-wise.  My household help’s last day was more than 2 weeks ago.  Last week (the last week of September) was quite rough.  It was the 4 year anniversary of my dad’s death.  He died on the 25th and was buried on the 30th.  October 1st is always a breath of fresh air.
  • Bubba Joe is loving preschool.  And we recently cut his hair – super short in a real boy cut.  We’ll let it grow again though – I miss his curls.
  • Little Girl is full of teeth (8) and has many rolls.  She’s amazing.  “Our” lullaby is You Are My Sunshine – and she really is.
  • BJD came home on Friday with flowers.  And we didn’t even … well, you know.  He said it was just because.  And I think it really was!

So let me try to upload some pics for you to enjoy!!!

Oh yeah, my knitting is coming along.  I’ve mastered the art of frogging (aka ripping out stitches).  And I’ve learned that I am not ready to knit a sweater (a big duh! moment – ask me how I know).  So right now, I’m working on 2 scarfs – if you’re on ravelry you can keep up with my knitting there!!

Okay.  I tried uploading pics and for whatever reason it’s way slow.  I promise to upload some … soon.

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