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I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I have thought about what I would blog when I took the time to sit down and actually blog. 

But then, life got away from me.

A quick run-down …

  • I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand last year.  It was horrifying to see my hand after surgery (I watched BTW) but one year later and I love my right hand!  Now I am procrastinating getting my left hand fixed.
  • Henry has started school.  Here it starts at the 1st grade.  He is struggling with not wanting to do homework and has even had a fight at school.  But his teacher insists that he is doing okay and we have faith in her.
  • Speaking of faith, religion here is pretty basic – Lutheran or Catholic, with a strong tendency towards Catholicism.  Anne Catherine Emmerich is buried at the church that was associated with Henry’s preschool.  I have been seriously considering converting to Catholicism as for me, it is most important to give our children a base than it is to give nothing because there is no Methodist church within reasonable distance (the closest is 1.5 hours away!)
  • Sofia, as it turns out, is much like me.  Quite shy.  Shy you say?  Yup, I am surprisingly uncomfortable in new surroundings and my mom insists that she sent me to multiple preschools to help me in my separation anxiety.  She is doing okay at preschool, but would absolutely prefer to be home with me all.day.long. 
  • Given the complexity of my pregnancies, we have decided we will not have anymore biological children.  I was surprised when Alex told me last year that he wanted to look into adoption.  Turns out, the process here where we live specifically, is pretty straight-forward.  The process has started …
  • I am still knitting like a fool.
  • I have begun playing piano again.  I also have it in the works to begin the process to become certified to teach the Suzuki Piano Method.  It is the method I was taught when I began playing at the age of 3.5 and I really want our kids to play.  (Plus it really seems a shame that the baby grand we brought here with us – my dad’s last gift to me – doesn’t get use!)
  • Alex is doing well professionally.  He travels quite often – and brings small treasures back.

I guess that’s enough for now … let’s see if I can keep up with this for a while more …

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