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Where’dya get those glasses?

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We’re off …

well, at least we’re up. BJD took today off, since last Friday (a holiday here) he was working in Hungary.

The boys are in the shower, I’m chillin’ out checking my BP, and then it’s breakfast and glasses for Bubba Joe!

I’m curious to see what selections for kids they have … hopefully we’ll get him some cool black plastic rimmed framed – just like his dad’s!

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… and the verdict is …

Bubba Joe needs glasses.

After many many many attempts at him looking through the eye-measuring-machine-thingee-that-has-a-balloon-in-it-that-Bubba-Joe-didn’t-care-about, we got him to look through it.

And he needs glasses.

We’re home now.

He’s watching dinosaurs (land before time).

And I’m trying to relax.

So much for checking my BP 3x daily, much less my sugar. That’s gone out the window since Bubba Joe’s been sick.

Hopefully we’ll get to order the glasses this week … and hopefully he’ll enjoy wearing his own glasses as much as he does mine or his dad’s.

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