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Today was classic German weather – rain and cold.  Followed by bursts of blue and sunshine, only to be reminded again that we are indeed in Germany … more rain and grey.

In spite of the weather, we ventured out to Burg Vischering (pronounced berg fisher ring) in Lüdinghausen.

We’ve been there before … in fact, we go there with every visitor (excepting mom – we just didn’t have time with her).  It was gorgeous and the children all had fun.

Here’s some pictures … enjoy!

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The great proposal …

Bubba Joe and his Dad trying to lift a sack full of weights that weigh what a full coat of armor weighs (how many times can I use the word weigh in that sentence?)

Taking a tour of the inside, Ms. Thaing and T-Boy pose with a stranger

Bubba Joe loves his Uncle T-Boy (and Ms. Thaing, being Ms. Thaing, had to get in the picture)

Burg Vischering on the outside (the house itself sits in water … quite beautiful!)

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