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So there.

I’ve done it.

Begun my first 24-hour urine collection of this pregnancy.

I know, eww, gross. Believe me, I know. I mean, *I* am the one peeing in an old tupperware container (actually, it may be gladware) and filling up the jug the hospital gave me. And *I* am the one that has to make sure every last drop gets measured and that nothing goes to waste.

Oh, the joys of pregnancy!

Well, at least the joys of a high-risk pregnancy.

Why am I doing this? (peeing in a container?) To make sure my kidneys are functioning properly. To get a baseline for what my kidneys are doing at the very end of my first trimester. To monitor my organs so we can proactively plan if things go downhill like last time.

Just remember, that orange container in the fridge … it’s not juice!

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