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I can’t believe the time is coming for us to go back to Germany.

I’m not ready.

This is much more difficult than last year, when we actually moved.

We’ve had a really great visit – with ALL our relatives and friends. And even with Bubba Joe’s major seperation anxiety, I am relaxed. Okay, maybe not relaxed right now because I’m stressing about going back home, but relaxed because it was an amazing visit.

I’ve learned so very much in this last year apart from everyone – and I’ve come to see things much more clearly (and less emotionally) and have found that I really do like my sister and brother and mom and well, my family.

Happy Birthday today to Bubba Joe’s Cousin, Bubba Joe’s Auntie and happy anniversary to Bubba Joe’s mom and dad (me and BJD).

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Blowing bubbles with Bubba Joe’s Cousin
Hanging a picture with a Bob hammer (couldn’t find the real one)
Isn’t he cute?!?
Playing with cousins again
BJC & Ms. T’s daughter

The kids’ last day of school

BJC & Ms. T’s daughter jamming
The cousins playing
Me and half the cousins, chillin’

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Boy am I pooped

So we’ve been here for just over half our trip and I am pooped.

Bubba Joe has turned into a real mama’s boy – he won’t even go to his dad sometimes! So that, on top of visiting and just trying to spend as much time as possible with my family, has me exhausted. And feeling guilty for not spending more time with more of my family. And that doesn’t even touch the people that we haven’t gotten a chance to visit yet. *sigh*

But we’re having a great trip so far. Dear old sis has told me that we’re going to visit dad on Thursday – oh what joy. Just what I want to do, go to a cemetery. Okay so I’m a bit sarcastic about it all, but that’s the one place I just don’t have ANY desire whatsoever to go. I’d rather go on a roller coaster than go there (which says alot), but she thinks I have to face up to some of my well, fears/concerns/avoidances?!?

Let’s see if I can figure out how to add some pics of what we’ve been up to …

Henry’s birthday party

Today we have ALL the cousins here – so that makes only 6 kids (10, 8, 7, 6, 3 & 2) and 2 adults (well, at least we have to pretend we’re adults!). We’re planning on painting the girls’ room and the bathroom today. Hmmmm … let’s see if it actually gets done! Oh, and I just remembered that we’re supposed to go to the post office – last week!!!

I’m also hoping that Ms. Thaing’s daughter can come tomorrow night for the rest of the week. That would be cool. But they’re coming in from Detroit, so we’ll see … 🙂 And of course, Ms. A and her boy are coming tomorrow for a few nights. Fun fun fun. Germany will feel like boredom with all the silence there after this trip!

More to come …

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So we arrived last Wednesday evening. We spent the weekend over at Joe & Rheanon’s then came over to Julie’s.

All I can say is that living with so many people is not as bad as I thought!

Right now, there are 8 of us living at my sister’s and it’s really okay. The kids are finishing their last week of school and we’re just catching up with sleep and housework.

Bubba Joe is LOVING being with all of his cousins – and is really cute saying all their names: Joey, Jake, Ashley, Alexandra and Aaron. Not that you’d know it when he says them, but he’s trying!

And I’m actually surprised that I haven’t heard once – what is he saying? He still combines languages, but I guess no one really expects to understand a 2 year old!

Hopefully later today we can find our camera and I can upload a few pictures – especially of his birthday party from last Sunday!

Stay tuned for more!

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