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A Revival

Have you met Mrs. Spit?  If you haven’t, she’s a woman worth knowing.  She’s strong and compassionate and I  imagine her as a someone with whom not just knows her manners (as I do, honest, I know about them) but actually USES them.

She posted about happiness.

Which got me to thinking about me.

And I have been realising lately that I am happy.


Let me try that again.

I am happy!  I am satisfied.  I am finding pleasure in things that I never thought I would.

I have always considered myself to be a bit (yes, just a bit) of a workaholic.  If I do something, I commit 110% .  If I don’t, it’s because I don’t like it.

Which leads to my current living situation.

Alex and I celebrated 10 years of marriage this year.

And finally, FINALLY, we have lived in one place for more than a few years.  In fact, we have committed to staying here in Dülmen.  And in doing so, painted.  Colors.  On walls.  Which means our half of the house is no longer stark white walls with start white tiles (standard German rental property) but is a lovely taupey with grey and blue and well, just lovely.

Even before the painting though, I realize how happy I am that Alex works in a company that provides his the challenges and financial security that make him happy and allow me to  stay home.

I have found that (gasp!) I like cleaning.  Well, not so much cleaning as having a clean house.

And stuff being organized.

Maybe someday I will get pics up of our house – with all it’s order, cleanliness and color!

We had the piano tuned today.  I still find it strange that in German, one specifies  between a piano (i.e. upright) and grand (what we have – well, a baby grand).  Alex is playing right now.

My right hand is doing very well after carpal tunnel surgery. We have agreed to wait until winter time to have the surgery on my left.

I am still knitting – but have found some things to be too hard on my right hand (like cables – which I love the look of).

And Sofia has started preschool part-time.

I plan on finding a teacher for piano.  I would like to think that I am advanced enough to learn new pieces on my own – I am.  But I require the whip.  I need the accountability.

I also have a plan to lose weight.  Well, the plan is simply to lose weight.  I’m still struggling with implementing it, but our health insurance has some good initiatives that I am hoping will help.  I am 5’1” on a very tall day. 10 years ago, I was 130 pounds.

Now, I am pretty steadily between 175-180 pounds.  I am snacking less and exercising more.  But as my neurologist said (here in Germany, you see a neurologist for depredssion and carpal tunnel stuff.  crazy, eh?) it could very well be the meds I am on for both depression and high blood pressure.

I have noticed signficant pitting edema with the new BP meds I am on and have an appointment tomorrow to have them changed.

Plans are in the works.

I am a revival in the making.

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