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Recycling and German boys

We went grocery shopping today. Which includes gathering all our empty plastic bottles and returning them for a refund. It’s usually about 25 cents per bottle so it adds up quickly.

Bubba Joe *loves* pushing them into the machine/scanner.

But today, we had to wait in line.

Just in front of us were 3 young boys – maybe 11 or 12 years old. They had their MP3 player playing (quite loudly) and were all dressed like punks. Their jeans were all saggy, hair messed up and spikey in that “I take more time doing my hair than you do” way, and one was even wearing a significant silver chain around his neck.

Oh it was cute.

They were trying so hard to be punks.

But they just couldn’t pull it off.

Standing behind them, I said to BJD, “oh look at how cute they are! They’re trying so hard to be punks. Hey look! One even has a chain around his neck. Oh, they’d almost fit in if they went to Detroit!” All in english of course. Which I know they learn in school because everyone does.

And what did they do? Nothing. Just like the good like punks they were. They listened to me teasing them and went on their way.

Oh – and before they left, little man let out the biggest belch ever. Way to go Bubba Joe!

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