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Well, all I can say is that we’re definately delivering at this hospital (which means we’re not going to look at the other one my OB recommended).

Immediately, I fell in *love* with this high-risk doc. She’s young but super sweet, intelligent and more than competant. Here’s the plan:

1) I will see the high-risk doc every 4 weeks, in between my regular OB appointments. That means I’ll be seeing someone every 2 weeks (yikes!)

2) I will have three (3) 24-hour collections – one in each trimester. Since I’m at the end of my first trimester, I am to do one for my next visit in 2 weeks.

3) I go again in 2 weeks for the first of my many intensive u/s screenings (I believe they’re doppler). At that time I’ll also take in my first 24-hour sample (see note below).

4) I will have two (2) 3-hour glucose testings done – again the first one in 2 weeks when I go (it’ll be a loooong morning). The next one will be around 20-something weeks. She feels that the 3-hour is more reliable (as she explained the 1-hour is just an indicator, but the 3-hour is definitive).

5) I am to measure my BP three times daily and fax to them once a week.

6) She is on a team of 3 doctors. One of the three of them will deliver me (or be there in conjunction with the midwife). Which makes me feel SO much better knowing that I will be developing a relationship with the doctor in who’s hands my life is.

NOTE: Interestingly, for the 24-hour collection … I do it at home and must keep it in the fridge. BUT – they don’t have any hats to collect the urine in! When I asked the midwife if they had anything that went on the toilet (like what I had in Ohio) she kind of chuckled at me! She said she wasn’t sure how I was to collect it but that every drop had to be there!

I am to collect it all and then, after the last collection, shake it up well and take a sample with the syringe she provided to take in for their testing. Yup, it’s self-service 24-hour urine collection, in my own home! (I’m thinking ew, gross … but hey, I’m so impressed with how thorough they are, I can definately handle this!)

So I think that’s about it.

Oh yeah – when the midwife took my BP at the end of the appointment – get this – it was 120/70. Yeah, 120/70. Wow. I haven’t seen numbers that low since I became a nutcase checking my BP all. the. time. 🙂 She also did it manually, which I do think accounts for something.

During the entire appointment, I could just feel my body relaxing and my nerves settling. I feel good. And that is a very nice feeling.

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