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Yesterday was our 7th wedding anniversary. I find it very hard to believe that BJD and I have been married that long. I find it even harder to believe that he’s put up with me for longer than that!

I’m reminded of what my dad said to me when after coming back from Germany when BJD had proposed … he must be either crazy or stupid. Still not sure which, but it’s certainly brought about a change in me – a change for the better I think.

Last night, BJD took me to go see Mamma Mia! in the movie theater in Muenster. They sometimes show the movies in the original language, with german subtitles. Now, there’s a thing or two to know first about going to a german movie theater:

  1. Germans like order. I think that’s a common stereotype, right? But this conveys even to the movie theater. There are assigned seats. Yup. Assigned Seats. As in Row 5, seats 19-20 (which BTW is where we were supposed to sit). And there are 2 “sections” (at least in this theater). A lower one – with tickets costing ~7Euro – and an upper section – with tickets costing ~9 Euro. We paid for the cheaper seats (which were toward the front) and sat in the upper seats. And I watched. People came in, checking their tickets and sitting where they are supposed to. BJD commented later that the people sitting behind us should have been sitting in our seats – they commented on it. I didn’t care. It all seems a bit ridiculous to me. It makes me want to open up a movie theater myself and NOT have assigned seating. I wonder what would happen … mass chaos? boycotting? meltdowns?
  2. German popcorn – described as sweet and salty. Ewwww. I’ve only had good kettle corn once. Once. And it was not here. (Okay, it was here in Germany but once again, Em’s mom had sent me really great kettle corn that comes from somewhere out in CA or CO or something like that.)
  3. German nachos – okay, the cheese is the same. But the chips – imagine if you can, super salty/fake cheesy doritos that you dip in nacho cheese sauce. Too much. Blach. (But I was hungry … and pregnant … and those two combined make sacrifices when it comes to taste.)
  4. Previews – I know, I know, it shouldn’t surprise me, but it still does. It’s all in GERMAN!!! Seeing a preview for High School Musical 3 in german is just wrong. In so many ways!!! (and perhaps most of all, because there really is a 3 in this series!)
  5. There is a pause after the previews and before the movie. BJD said that they he’d gone once and they came in offering ice cream for sale. He said it took an additional 15 minutes wait time. Lights came up and the curtains closed (oh yeah, they use the curtains). A few minutes later, lights went down again and the movie began.

Everyone STAYED through the end of the movie, including the credits. Okay, it WAS a great movie, but we were one of the first out, and the credits were rolling!

So that’s enough about the movie theater.

BJD then took me to a nice little restaurant on the shore of the Aasee (prounced ahhh-sea’ish). It’s a manmade lake in Muenster. The food was very very very good!!! And the service, which to my surprise, was excellent! I could get used to it! Let’s just say that it’s a Muenster version of Pier W in Cleveland (all you Clevelanders know what I’m talking about).

Now – I have a question for ya’ll – what I missed most during dinner was the tides. How big does a lake – manmade or natural – have to be to have tides? It was way too still and quiet. And at Pier W, being on Lake Erie, you can ALWAYS hear the waves/tides.

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