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I’m taking up knitting.

Don’t laugh.

Maybe you don’t realize that it could be funny.

BJD looks at me with a small smile everytime he sees me with my needles.

And I’m with them often.  🙂

Last week I started learning.  So far, I’ve learned to cast on, bind off, knit and purl.  They say that with those basics I can do anything.


I can do all those things.

Just not always in the proper order.

For example, in my practice swatch (which BTW I’ve been working on for the past week), I have created holes where there shouldn’t be, added stiches when I didn’t mean too and can’t seem to find others where they should be.

But all in all, it’s fun.  And relaxing.  And rewarding.

Tonight was my second class.

And “She” (i.e. my russian-german teacher/store owner of my LYS (local yarn store for you non-knitting peeps)) is letting me start a scarf.


So for now, I’m mastering my “knit” stich.

It’s a beautiful scarf made with beautiful yarn – Lana Grossa I think – all in the “knit” stich (or right stich if you’re in Germany).

And once I finish my scarf for me, I’m gonna make one for BJD.

And Bubba Joe.

And probably a few relatives.

Homemade Christmas presents here we come.

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