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It is strange to me to think that what I used to think, what I perceived as my life at a certain point in time, just might not have been what I thought.

I recently had a dream about an ex-boyfriend.  This particular ex broke my heart in a tremendous way.  But in this dream, he said he always loved me (in spite of having told me when we broke up that he never did).

What I find strange about this dream was that in reality, he broke up with me with no warning, no signs, no nothing. And he did it through my mom.

Hey, we were young.  What can I say???

I asked my mom about this and her only memory of this breakup was that his father thought we were too serious and didn’t want us together anymore.

My perception at that time was that I wasn’t good enough, that I was ugly, that I was mean-spirited and that I was undeserving of him (or anyone).  Hence, after that breakup I went, well, a bit wild.  (and in my opinion, that wildness was the reason I ended up needed an additional 1.5 years in undergrad to finish my degree).

But since this dream, and my mom’s subsequent comment, I realize that my perception of that time in my life just might have been wrong.

Which makes me wonder just how often my perception is off in general.

As you know, I am a bit of a knitting freak now.  I couldn’t say that 12 months ago, but I can with 110% confidence say that knitting is a part of my life, as music is (for those of you who don’t know, my undergrad was applied music – with a concentration in piano).

I will end with a quote from a book I am reading (as Giant Baby is DEMANDING my attention – she is quite a bit like me, isn’t she?):

The act of knitting provides comfort in times when life weighs the most.  Even grreat women found that their needles and their yarn provided succor.

– Adrienne Martini in Sweater Quest


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