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Duelmener Wildpferd

Fall has arrived and unlike last year, the trees are actually showing some reds. BJD, Bubba Joe and I today decided to go and visit the Duelmen Wild Horses – one of the only things that Duelmen is well-known for in Germany.

These horses are slightly smaller than modern horses. And from what I read online, they are considered endangered. Their genetics goes back hundreds of years and they have not been mixed with any other horse breed.

They are stunning.

Annually, the horses are round-up and you can buy tickets. But as we just found out this week, the tickets for next spring’s round-up are pretty much sold out – unless you want to stand for the entire 4 hour show … which of course, we don’t.

Bubba Joe enjoyed visiting with the horses … though he had just as much fun walking through the field behind us and stomping on the dirt mounds the local maulwurfs had dug up (something he and his dad do often in our backyard).
It cost us 2.50 Euro per adult entrance fee. They’re supposed to charge 1.50 Euro per child, but they guy didn’t. He was more interested in asking BJD about our Citroen, which BJD was more than happy to talk about! They are only open until November 1st, on Friday’s and Saturday’s, and only if the weather is nice. Wow. Those are a lot of restrictions – especially considering the weather here is more unpredictable than that in NE Ohio!!!


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