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I wrote this on June 15, 2010.  I never posted it (at least I don’t think I did.  I am too lazy right now to go back and check).  But I personally can’t stand having things unfinished sitting around (see my other post today – what I ddn’t post there though is that stuff sitting around weighs on me.)  So I decided to publish.


Both kids have had chronic ear infections.  Bubba Joe had tubes placed when he was 6 months old but had to have them again.

Giant Baby has been on an antibiotic for over 6 months.

They can both thank me for crappy eustachian tubes.  I had chronic ear infections as a child too.

Both children went in today to have tubes placed and their adenoids removed.

This is not a post though about why to do this or why not.  Or why we scheduled both kids on the same day.  Or how it came about.

Nope.  This is instead a post of how horrible today was.

Giant Baby went first.  She was okay.  I stayed with her until the gas took affect and she slept.  Her eyes were so scared.  But I was brave and kept it together.  Bubba Joe was scared but I was able to sing him “Sofia’s Sunshine Song” (you are my sunshine) and calm him.

He pulled through everything with no problem.

She, on the other hand … came to and started bleeding from the nose.  They thought they had it stopped … then it gushed.  I have blood stains on my clothing.  They then took her for a second operation to clean everything up and I believe they cauterised the wounds.

After the second operation, she was much better.

But she smells.

It’s a smell I had forgotten but one I wish I never would have known.

It is the smell I associate with death and hospitals.

It is the smell my dad had while in the hospital before he died.

I don’t know how to describe it, other than once you smell it, you know it.

I don’t think I have cried so hard in such a long time, with absolute fear for my children.  I can with absolute certainty say that the fear of losing a parent is much less than the fear of losing a child.  My fears, thankfully, were put to rest when she pulled through.

But she’s been not quite herself yet … I will give her a bit more time until I really worry.

Today truly sucked.  And somehow I thought that writing it out and sharing it with you it might ease my heart, but sadly it has not.  It is just sitting there.  I look forward to tomorrow, in hopes that both children will feel better – and I will write more about Bubba Joe’s complications.  (Cause, you know, I can never do things the easy way so why should my kids)

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