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One of the things that I admire most about driving in Germany are the streets.

They are so smooth.

I mean, smooooooth.

Now, maybe you don’t understand what I mean when I say smooth so let me broaden my definition.

There are NO potholes.

No bumps.

No nothing.

And well, I suppose that hitting a pothole while driving fast would not be a good thing.

Which makes driving fast on such beautiful smooth roads so lovely.

This week, our Mazda 5 was in the werkstatt, getting a new windshield and replacing the driver’s side panel (which was leaking water whenever it rained, which in this part of Germany is oft).

So they gave us a car to drive while ours was being fixed.  I was more than happy when they called to say the part was not available and had to be ordered so they had to keep our car a few more days.


Now, just before we purchased the Mazda, we were leasing a Citroen C4.  It was pretty basic, but had some perks.  But, it was nothing in comparison to the 2011 Executive Edition I drove this week.

It had automatic everything.  E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. (except transmission – which is good, because I love driving a manual)

Parking assist on all sides of the car, very lovely warning tones, automatic wipers (that worked!) and the list goes on and on … from heated seats with multiple settings to a warning light on the driver’s side outside mirror letting you know when a car was in your blind spot …

Oh, did I say it was lovely?

It was so comfortable.  Oh! and it had a massager built into the driver’s seat.

Separate heating controls for driver and passenger, great stereo, and the best part – not only was everything logically laid out, it was well within the reach of the driver.

Now, maybe you don’t realize that I am 5’1″ on a tall day. So driving a car with proper positioning is very important to me.  I hate feeling like I am sitting on top of the steering wheel because of the pedal placement.

But really and truly, it was fun to drive.

And fast.  With 6 gears, going 180km was a breeze. (and fun!)

We have our Mazda back and love it too – sliding doors plus kids is a huge plus with the teeny tiny parking spots here in Germany.

But it was sure nice to have such a kick-ass ride for a few days.


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Growing up, I used whatever soaps my mom bought.

In college, I discovered the soap stores.  The soaps smelled pretty but were pricey.  After years of using these pretty but smelly soaps, my skin said no more!  So I switched to hypo-allergenic soaps.

That is until I found Swan Mountain Soaps.

Christine, the owner, is a fellow preeclampsia survivor.  We met through the Preeclampsia Foundation forums when she ran a promotion donating the sale per each bar of soap back to the Preeclampsia Foundation.  I had heard from others that her soaps were wonderful and was reassured that even with my sensitive skin, I could have pretty smelling soap again.

I’m hooked.

I’m a fan.

The pictures do not do justice to how gorgeous these soaps are.  Trust me.  They are STUNNING! 

But don’t be fooled.  She doesn’t just sell pretty soaps.  Nope.  Not just soaps. 

She sells body butters, body scrubs, lip balm (that puts all others to shame) … she’ll personalize for wedding /party favors and even has some beer soaps.  She has some nice travel soaps that are square shaped.  Bubba Joe loves building with these in the bathtub.

Yup.  You read that right.  Beer soaps.  And they’re surprisingly nice (not too alcoholish –  just kidding.  They’re not smelly like beer at all!). 

Her newest products are the Bath Bombs/Fizzies.  I haven’t tried them.  Yet.  I’m sure next time I place an order I’ll try those out too.

She ships domestically (US) and internationally.  And she accepts major credit cards and paypal!

This year’s Mother’s Day gifts (in the US) are from her. 

Right now she’s offering a 20% discount off orders of $15+ with the promotion code SPRING.

Check out her website – www.swanmountainsoaps.etsy.com.  She does a wonderful job accurately describing the soap scents.  BJD loves her soaps too.

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