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So what does a nearly 2 year old do when she doesn’t want to sleep?



Practice her sign language signs.

Ask you, er I mean tell you to do “piggies” (this little piggie).

Say blankee to be covered after she just got done kicking them off.

Want to have her pajama bottoms removed – she hates having her feet covered and has taken to wanting to wear no pants either.

Sing again.

Go through the names of everyone in her family.

Point to stuff in the dark room, identifying what they are.


Play with your hair.

Cuddle up next to you then crash.

Yup, that about sums it up.

BJD and I just got done going through our library of books and listing them on Amazon for sale.  I finally listed most of my undergrad poli-sci books.  And, I even listed my music history book.  Damn that book is h.e.a.v.y.  I can’t believe I lugged that bad boy around for 4+ years.  Daily.

We are in the process of de-junking again.  We did it before out move here and seeing the impending move (which we have no date set yet but anticipate it – if it happens – happening in January) has given us the kick in the tookus we needed.

We sold our broken washing machine.  And our broken dishwasher.  And other used stuff that was of no longer use to us.

There’s still lots more to list for sale.  If it doesn’t sell though, we’re not sure what we’ll do with it.

We already sent one large box to an orphanage in Russia and just today, BJD took 2 boxes weighing 30kg each, to the Post for shipment to displaced gypsies in Romania.  I found out about them through one of the forums on Ravelry.  Included in the box are some of my hand knit goodies – hats and stuff – as well as coats, clothing, socks and shoes from all of us.  We could have sent more, but 2 big boxes were all we could afford.

Life really is different here – there is little demand for used items.  It isn’t that charities don’t exist, but with the strong security net underneath us, there isn’t so much a need as I am used to seeing back home.

It gives me a sense of both thankfulness and security to live in a place where the demand for gently used items is so limited.  (If any of my fellow expats here know of places to donate gently used toys or clothing, please let me know.  Here in Dülmen, I have yet to find anyone.)

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