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I’ve wanted to do this for a long time now …

and looks like we’re finally going to just jump right in and start. Cloth diapering that is.

With a 2nd one on the way and Bubba Joe showing no real interest in potty training, on top of finding a company that will give us a “trial” period to see if we really do like it, we’re jumping in.

And that, my dear reader, is why I haven’t written anything to you in a while.

I’ve been busy researching different types of diapers, from fabrics to covers to how to prepare them for the first use to general maintenance.

I’ve been busy creating excel spreadsheet after excel spreadsheet, comparing costs from various websites and building up my wish lists – including links and formulas.

And I’ve even had a few dreams about cloth diapers.

We’re planning on ordering this week so we can prep them over the weekend and start using. We’re almost out of our pampers, so we need to move soon.

I’ll keep ya’ll informed as to the “end result”. The best part is that if we stick with it, it’s SUCH a huge cost savings for our next little one. Yeah!!!

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